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Tiny Tigers (ages 5-6)

Starting children in taekwondo early can help the child's development in many ways.  They learn basic taekwondo forms in a safe structured environment.  They learn qualities such as courtesy, respect and attentiveness in their crucial developmental years.

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Students (ages 6-12)

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Our goal is to insure that each child learns at their own pace to help build their self-esteem.  We strive for individual success and recognize that each child has their own set of strengths and weaknesses.  Students learn basic taekwondo forms, sparring, self-defense and the opportunity to learn a variety of weapons forms.

Adults / Teens (ages 13+)

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Circuit Martial Arts is the place to learn one of the most dynamic martial arts.  The training emphasizes themes of integrity, self-discipline and self-control.  Through the training, teens and adults will learn traditional taekwondo techniques and apply them to advanced self-defense training.

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